Thanks for looking at this Blog.

I like wine.

I am not an expert, but I am a part-qualified enthusiast, fed up with the long-winded descriptions of wine, boggled at the massed ranks of bottles in the supermarkets and frustrated at not knowing as much as I would like to know. I wish I was good at fixing cars too, but gave up when I realised that even my old Series 3 Land Rover was probably too complicated for me.

So, with family living in the Bordeaux region of France, I decided to get stuck in and learn. I have read, studied, tasted and imported wine on a small, but perfectly formed and bespoke fashion. One way of learning something is to talk to people about it, so here we are – I am talking to you about it. I hope you can join me on a journey around the world of wine as we explore this wonderful product.

If you want to learn more, I can conduct bespoke wine-tastings, with an injection of plain-talk and humour. Use the Contact form or e-mail me at jerry@thevintagewineseller.com to have a chat.


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